Maelstrom: Creative Chaos


“Perfect waves are great, but chaos is more interesting, for me right now anyway. It’s the concept of contradiction and balance, creation and destruction in a single act. Yin and Yang. Chaos is only more interesting because it is fleeting. It’s the constant changing cycles that is what really makes things interesting. By analysing the cycles that cause these chaotic events, the idea is to draw a link from that back to humanities unending quest to control nature, but realistically not understanding or respecting it and the naivety in that…”

Photographed during a big swell amidst the El Nino season of 2016, Luke Shadbolt’s Maelstrom documents the chaotic but beautiful power of the ocean. Perfectly capturing the volatile relationship between the ocean, the weather and the coastline, Shadbolt’s latest work is undoubtably the most intriguing ocean photography released this year.

Steering away from clean lines and perfect barrels, Maelstrom captures a fleeting, chaotic event created by the forces of nature aligning. In Shadbolt’s own words, the primal ferocity of the images “encourages the viewer to reflect upon our own naivety and place as a species within the greater natural balance of power.”

Maelstrom is a part of the Head On Photo Festival at the Michael Reid gallery in Sydney from the 4th-28th May. You can view more images on his website here.



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